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Exhibitions & Agri Trade Show

Madhupushp Honey, a leading name in sustainable beekeeping, proudly participated in various prestigious Exhibitions and Agri Trade Shows across the country. Showcasing their premium range of naturally harvested honey products, Madhupushp garnered significant attention from visitors and industry experts alike. The team passionately educated attendees about the importance of beekeeping in promoting ecological balance and enhancing crop yields. With their unwavering commitment to supporting local farmers and adopting eco-friendly practices, Madhupushp Honey's presence at these events left a lasting impression, fostering valuable partnerships and spreading awareness about the significance of honey bees in our ecosystem.

Events at Bee Farm

At Madhupushp Bee Farm, we take pride in hosting a series of exciting and educational events that celebrate the marvels of beekeeping and the importance of sustainable agriculture. Our bee farm events are designed to engage and enlighten visitors of all ages, providing a hands-on experience that unveils the captivating world of honey bees.

From interactive workshops on beekeeping techniques to guided tours through our lush apiaries, guests have the unique opportunity to witness the delicate art of honey production up close. Moreover, we organize informative talks by expert beekeepers and agricultural specialists, shedding light on the vital role these industrious pollinators play in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a budding beekeeper, or simply curious about the wonders of bees, our Madhupushp Bee Farm events promise an unforgettable and enriching experience for everyone.

Join us in this remarkable journey of exploration, appreciation, and celebration of these incredible little creatures that contribute so much to our planet.

Social Work, PR and Media Coverage

Madhupushp Honey is not only committed to sustainable beekeeping practices but also takes pride in its active involvement in social work and community development. With a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and society, the company regularly engages in initiatives that focus on education, healthcare, and upliftment of rural communities.

Their dedication to social welfare has earned them widespread recognition, resulting in extensive media coverage across various platforms. From local newspapers to national television channels, Madhupushp's remarkable journey, its impact on farmers, and its efforts in promoting ecological balance have been extensively featured, inspiring others to follow suit.

Their approach to public relations is built on transparency and authenticity, ensuring that their commitment to sustainable practices and social welfare reaches a broader audience, encouraging more people to join hands in creating a positive change for the planet and its inhabitants.

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